Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Live Song – The Top!

So, with just a week to go before Alfie Boe’s Arena tour starts in Newcastle, the number one song in the Alfie Boe Best Ever Live Song poll is:

A powerhouse performance by Alfie at Gary Barlow’s 2013 New Year TV show – and a complete surprise to us all!  Imagine my annoyance when I missed it and woke up to a zillion messages on my phone and on twitter!!!!!

As we know, Freddie Mercury and Queen were a big influence on Alfie and this song is from the 1978 Queen album, Jazz. Mercury wrote both music and lyrics and is based around the piano; guitar being only a small part of the recorded version.  Here is the Queen version:

To recap the top 5:

Rank Strangers – Storyteller tour

You are my heart’s delight – Blackpool

Buona Sera – Belfast Proms

Jacobs Ladder / Barcelona (Laura Wright version)

thanks for reading and sharing – #AlfieBoeUKTour

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1 thought on “Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Live Song – The Top!

  1. Louise

    My very most favorite of so many is his performance with Gary Barlow and “Don’t stop me now!’ Should be his theme song..he is on his was to great fame and good fortune.
    anytime I am a wee bit sad, I watch it again and start smiling with the firt note and am fully grinning by the end.
    The wonderful power of good music!

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