Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Live Song – Number 4

As we countdown towards the tour – four weeks today but who’s counting – it’s time to see which song you voted into fourth place in the Alfie Boe Best Live Song poll.

Janet Hudson nominated this moment from the second Blackpool date on the 2013 Storyteller tour and appeared to be a completely off the cuff moment.  Just when the audience was expecting to hear Murray Gould start playing the intro to Bring Him Home, Alfie instead broke into You Are My Heart’s Delight in the original German.

Most fans know that this song has special meaning for Alfie and family, being a favourite of his Dad’s and also the first song he ever sang at a professional audition.  Those of us lucky enough to be there last April were blown away by the vocals and the emotion.  What an atmosphere!

Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz is from the 1929 operetta, The Land of Smiles, written for Richard Tauber by Franz Lehar. The video below showcases an audio version by Tauber:

Alfie recorded You Are My Heart’s Delight (in English) for his album of Lehar songs, Love Was A Dream and this version made the top ten of the Alfie Boe Best Ever Recorded Song.

Alfie’s new album, Serenata, can be pre-ordered below:



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