Alfie Boe’s 2nd Annual Best Ever Song Vote!

Welcome to the second year of voting for Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Song!  A year ago we voted and found out that to the surprise of absolutely no one, Bring Him Home was the fans best ever song from Alfie.  Of course, that was before the release of Serenata and so a few weeks ago I asked you to send me your favourite Serenata songs.  You nearly sent in the whole album but not quite so I understand that it was a really hard choice!  The songs you eventually chose were:

Serenata Celeste

Luna Malinconia

My Heart Is Yours

Addio Sogni Di Gloria

Rondine Al Nido


Chitarra Romana

Non Ti Scordar Ti Me

I have added these songs to the original long list and the poll is open again – so go and vote!  You should be able to vote multiple times now!

In the meantime, you can listen on spotify if you click here (careful, it’s nearly three hours long!) and to help you along, here’s Alfie on his UK Winter tour last year:

Serenata is available here:


thanks for reading, sharing and voting!

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10 thoughts on “Alfie Boe’s 2nd Annual Best Ever Song Vote!

  1. Pauline Hyland

    So very hard Jane to judge one. Several I adore and would hate to be without. Several in fact not on the list. Changed my mind several times even just going through this list Pxx

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