Alfie Boe Wows Korea

When Alfie was announced as a guest at a concert in Seoul, Korea, just a few weeks ago, fans everywhere were keen to know the repertoire.  Would it be classical, musical theatre, songs from Trust and Storyteller or a combination of all?  We didn’t have to long to wait and it is an understatement to say that those of us who weren’t able to hop on a plane to Seoul (let’s face it, most of us!) were green with envy to see Granada, When I fall in Love and Music of the Night and Who Am I on the set list.

Judging from twitter, the concert seems to have been very well received, not least by the British Ambassador to Korea, Scott Wightman.  Both Mr Wightman and his wife, Anne, tweeted several times that they loved Alfie’s voice and were proud to have him singing in Korea.

As always, in this age of technology, us fans were wondering if any videos would be taken and uploaded to YouTube – luckily for us, the answer is yes! Many thanks to Kyoko for uploading so quickly; the video is tantalisingly labelled as 1/4, dare we hope for another 3 videos? In the meantime, here is a jazzed up version of When I Fall in Love. Enjoy!

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