Alfie Boe – The Fans Interview

The time was 11.30pm (approx), the place, the stage door of the Royal Albert Hall, the occasion… Alfie Boe answering fans questions!!!

Seriously, after a fabulously entertaining evening at SymFunny, a few hardy (or maybe plain daft???) fans waited in the what seemed perishing cold to see Alfie Boe.  Now, those fans who went to the Storyteller concert at the RAH in April 2013 may remember a similar wait in the definitely freezing cold – and he didn’t come out on that occasion!  This time, our patience was rewarded by Alfie posing for photos, signing programmes etc. and answering our questions.  Forgive me if I can’t remember everyone who asked a question but the interviewers include Carole, Sue, Gill, Karen, Lesley and Pauline as well as myself.

Alfie was his usual charming self and we were thrilled that he stopped for a few minutes as he was on his way back to the airport to fly back to Utah, via Germany and LA, if you were wondering!  That man’s air miles must take some beating! As one commenter recently said, “it’s like watching ping pong”.  Upon being asked when he would be back in the UK he said that he was spending as much time as possible with his family as the end of the year would be really busy – we know, Alfie!!  Alfie remained non committal about summer appearances apart from mention of a few corporate / private events, although it remains to be seen if they are in the UK or US.  There may be something in the offing in Edinburgh in July as Alfie has today been linked with a performance at the Edinburgh Castle festival on 19 July, although this has yet to be confirmed.

For fans who have booked for the tour in November / December, who for fans who haven’t yet decided, Alfie said that two or three tracks from Trust will be on the set list as well as songs from all the other albums.  Unfortunately, I was too star struck to ask if that meant just the Decca albums or everything – must try harder next time!!!  My personal guess would be that a fair amount of songs from Serenata will be there as the most recent album.

For those of you who were on the cruise, he thoroughly enjoyed himself…apart from being in his cabin all the time!  If there’s a next time, fans will have to entice him out and about!

Before all this though, Alfie performed four songs at the end of the concert, and the one I can’t get out of my head is Mambo Italiano (thanks to Linda W for sharing):

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9 thoughts on “Alfie Boe – The Fans Interview

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  3. Annie Lloyd

    Had a great time. Fantastic concert. And what a terrific end to the night for you all. Could I have stayed and still caught my bus? Maybe. Lovely to see you all. Alfie is just glorious isn’t he. Whatever he sings. I’d like more Trust but anything and everything he’s ever sung is fine by me. Can’t wait.

  4. Sue Redfern

    Thanks Jane and Linda, it was a fabulous night, highlight for me, Wheels of a Dream, and being able to tell Alfie so at the stage door. 🙂

  5. Lea Ann Flanagan

    I love “Wheels of a Dream” and hearing Alfie sing it with the choir singing along was just wonderful. Thank you, Linda, for the lovely video and Jane for the report from outside the RAH!

  6. Pat Watterson

    Had a great time last night … was good to see everyone again. Loved the whole show, but like Sally, have to say hearing Alfie’s voice in “Wheels of a Dream” with that whole enormous sound [including the organ] behind him was very special. Am looking forward to hearing more of ‘Serenata’ … roll on September!

  7. Sally Cook

    The entire concert was good – but Alfie’s voice soaring above orchestra and all four choirs will linger for a long time. Had a great time.

  8. Cecelia Powell

    A marriage made in heaven. Jane’s words and Linda’s camera work. A wonderful memery of a great show. Loved seeing you both. Wish I could have lingered by that stage door… C xxx

  9. Linda Wellington

    Thanks Jane it was a wonderful concert wasn’t it? from the start to finishing notes of the orchestra.

    Alfie voice echoing around the Royal Albert Hall was pure perfection!

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