Alfie Boe: Strictly Radio Wales

This weekend has been a busy one for Alfie; not only did he start his UK Tour in Newcastle and Liverpool but he also appeared on BBC TV’s Strictly Come Dancing:

I don’t think that this slower Volare showed off Serenata or Alfie to the best effect but the dancers were fabulous and the exposure is great for Alfie.

Not satisfied with this, Alfie’s interview with Beverley Hughes on BBC Radio Wales aired last night.  Listening to Beverley interview anyone is always a pleasure as she really does her research and as an opera singer is hugely knowledgeable about music – and here we learnt that Alfie and Beverley both love pilchards for breakfast.

Listening to Alfie talking about Serenata, in particular, Addio Sogni Di Gloria, I was struck by how much Alfie still wants to do in his career; he says that if it all ended tomorrow he would be thankful for everything so far but disappointed in his as yet unfulfilled ambitions.  Also nice to hear him talk about the performance that meant the most…and it’s not the one you might think!  We also got to hear a great selection of Alfie’s songs over the years, with obviously an emphasis on Serenata.

Alfie Boe’s Serenata is available now:


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