8 comments on “Alfie Boe Soars into Neverland on Broadway

  1. Congratulations Alfie,!! thank you Roberta for your great review ,he really is magic !! Please come to London Alfie with Neverland ,in 2017. luv carole n xxx

  2. Thank you, Roberta, for such a lovely review. I’m so glad to hear how well he’s done. It must be daunting to learn so much in a month. Not surprised about his connection with the children as this seems to be a forte of his. I know we probably won’t get to see any video of his singing because they have already released an album but we can dream.

  3. Are there any videos yet of Alfie singing songs from Neverland…I’m dying to hear what he does with them! Hoping to make the trip from Georgia to NYC to see him SOON. Did a really quick trip last October to see him in Les Mis…what memories!!! I’ll remember his performance for the rest of my life!!! 🙂

  4. I saw the matinee yesterday! Alfie’s voice soared! His interaction with the children was electric….I could see the genuine affection in the eyes of the children.
    When he sang “Stronger” his voice increased incrementally until it gave me chills and the lady sitting next to me said,”Who IS that?” I was quick to fill her in!
    Just as he was BORN to be JVJ, in time the perfectionist in him will make this part fit him like a second skin. He DANCES! (Who said he couldn’t dance?).
    The antics on stage left him breathing hard in places, but his operatic training kicked in and his breathing techniques. Carried him through!

  5. Knew Alfie would be a smash in Neverland!! Singing, dancing, romantic lead… Here he goes stretching as a performer again…Can’t wait to see him in this role this summer!! Thanks, Linda.

  6. Thanks to Roberta for such a fantastic review. More than ever I hope Alfie is in it when it comes to London. Definitely want to be there.

  7. Fabulous review. Excited for Alfie. Well done to our New York Reporter. Hope to get to see the show SOON!

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