One comment on “Alfie Boe Shines at Utah Concert

  1. Thanks for the great review. It’s wonderful to read that the audience was so receptive. I can’t say I like either of the duets that have been posted. I guess he has to do them but maybe they needed more rehearsing. His partners didn’t really mesh especially Rachel Woodward Hansen who sounded lovely when she was singing her part solo.
    Just a comment about Song to the Siren. I saw Alfie in Toronto, Canada when he was on his NA tour. It was supposed to be the second last stop of his tour but ended up being the last because of a hurricane which brought wind and rain to inland cities. It was raining very heavily that night, the theatre was not full and the performance started 45 minutes late. Alfie started singing that song off-stage and I have to say it was electric. Even my husband who was just along for the ride was impressed. I know why he sings it because it is hauntingly beautiful and it certainly was that night.
    Love seeing all the videos from the Utah show.

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