Alfie Boe: Rear of the Year 2015?

Hot on the heels of the poll for Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Live Song, comes the newly opened vote for Alfie Boe as Rear of the Year 2015!  Many of Alfie’s fans voted in this poll last year but sadly to no avail.  However, we are a determined lot and failure once has not deterred us from trying again!

In case you need some encouragement, here is a great video from the Storyteller tour last year showing us just what we’re voting for! (4:10 in case you’re wondering!)


Now I must admit that I am usually against voting in these sorts of competitions, but as this poll demonstrates perfect equality due to the fact that men and women are both featured, I’ll let it go…and vote multiple times!  Anyone else who will admit to throwing their principles out the window when it comes to Alfie?  By the way, if you’re stuck for a female celebrity to vote for, why not go for Laura Wright?

thanks for reading…and watching…and voting

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