Alfie Boe Quiz 2018 – The Answers!

How did you get on with our quiz on all things Alfie Boe in 2018?  Answers coming up:

  • How many Classic Quadrophenia shows did Alfie sing with in 2017 and where were they?

A: 5: Tanglewood, Metropolitan Opera House x 2, Rosemont Theatre, Chicago and Greek Theatre, LA

  • How many solo shows for 2018 did Alfie announce at the end of 2017?

A: 4 (Fleetwood, Kenwood House, Scarborough OAT and Llangollen)

  • Which guest artists featured on Ball and Boe: Back Together for ITV?

A: Imelda May and Jason Manford

  • Name Alfie’s understudy for Carousel.

A: Will Barratt – click here to read my interview with him

  • In which building was Alfie’s blue plaque unveiled and what did it commemorate?

A: Marine Hall, Fleetwood – commemorated Alfie’s first live performance

  • Which song was voted Alfie’s Best Live Song in 2017?

A: Run...of course!

  • Which of Alfie’s albums topped the classical chart in 2017?

A: Love Was A Dream

  • How many HMV stores did Alfie and Michael visit to sign copies of Together Again?

A: 7 (Blackpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Oxford St for the world record and then Birmingham and      Liverpool a few days later)

  • Which TV talent show did Alfie make a guest appearance on earlier this year?

A: Britain’s Got Talent, singing ‘with’ Dame Vera Lynn

  • Which song did Alfie play on guitar during the Together Again tour?

A: Wagon Wheel, a song we all know a great deal better than we did before the tour!

How did you get on?

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Hope you all enjoyed – I wonder what Alfie will bring us this year?

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