Alfie Boe Favorite Duet: Short List: Robert Plant

Writing a short bio about Robert Plant seems to be a contradiction in terms.  The man has done so much that knowing where to start was the main problem.  Although aware of Plant and Led Zeppelin (who isn’t?) I would have been hard pressed to name anything else about the band other than Stairway to Heaven.   As with so many other musicians, this all changed through getting to know the music of Alfie Boe.  Alfie’s love of good music and his collaboration with many artists new to me, has meant that I have got to know a lot more about artists I would never have even looked at BA (before Alfie, for the uninitiated!).

In recent years, Robert has collaborated with the bluegrass musician, Alison Krauss, on Raising Sand, an unlikely blend on paper but the result is magical.  The 2007 album was hugely commercially and critically successful and the duo have continued to work together, touring as recently as 2013.

Alfie and his wife, Sarah, have a personal connection with Led Zeppelin; their wedding dance was a Led Zeppelin song (Rain Song) which was also one of their first ever dances.  Sarah was also with Alfie when he met Robert in a bar and in the studio when Song to the Siren was recorded. To me, this is the most personal song to Alfie to be nominated.

Don’t forget to vote – and enjoy the snippet of Song to the Siren below:


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