Alfie Boe Fans Raised How Much for Nordoff Robbins? Wow!

A week into December and as we draw closer to the end of the year, I thought it would be a good idea to see how much money the fans have raised for Nordoff Robbins in aid of Alfie Boe’s birthday.  Since the fundraiser opened in September, you wonderful fans have raised £1719 (at the time of writing).  That’s fantastic!

Since we all deserve a pat on the back for raising such a great amount for one of Alfie’s named charities, here’s Alfie from the UK tour last year:

If you haven’t yet donated and want to do so, the birthday page for Alfie is open until 31 December.

Whether you have donated or not, you might well ask yourself where your money goes to.  What does my £10 donation actually do?  Well, wonder no more as I asked the lovely folk at Nordoff Robbins how the money raised is used and this is what they said:

£32 pays for one music therapy session

£10 pays for an instrument to be used in music therapy sessions

£50 pays for someone with learning difficulties to attend music therapy for a half term

£100 pays for six children with learning difficulties to attend a music therapy session

In real terms, Alfie Boe fans have, this year alone, paid for the equivalent of 53 music therapy sessions or 17 groups of six children to attend a music therapy group.  That’s impressive enough but the total amount of money raised by Alfie fans since 2011 is £6885 – add that to this year’s total and we get a whopping £8604!!!!!

£8604 means Nordoff Robbins has been able to provide 268 music therapy sessions over the last five years – amazing.

Now, if you are someone who hasn’t yet donated and thinks that your few pounds won’t make any difference, I hope this shows you that small donations mount up into big donations and huge fundraising goals achieved. Thoughtsofjustafan will also be looking at Alfie and Nordoff Robbins in more depth next year.

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