Alfie Boe Continues his Serenata Radio Tour

A huge shout out to Alice from BBC Radio Manchester for practically begging Alfie Boe to sing Bring Him Home when he appeared on Becky Want’s show this afternoon.  The resulting BHH was one of the best recent versions, especially since it was so impromptu.  Both Becky and Alice were momentarily speechless at the end – wouldn’t we all be?  Alfie later went on to sing Mambo Italiano, accompanied by the always fabulous Murray Gould.

The interview involved the usual mechanic story but  interestingly, the story that we are hearing most of on this radio tour is the personal trainer story – yet another easy introduction hook for people who may be new to Alfie.  We also heard Alfie talking about his family – by the time he sees Grace and Alfie again he will have had four months away, but at least he gets to see Sarah, whose birthday it is today.  Happy Birthday Sarah xxx

Hilariously, and just to show he’s not perfect (!) Alfie didn’t actually remember the date of his Manchester tour date!!!  I mean, it’s not like he’s on a promotional tour at the moment is it?!!!

Prior to this, we heard Alfie on James Watt’s BBC Radio Stoke (a pre-recorded slot).  Alfie sounded very relaxed in both interviews, talking about working and travelling in Italy amongst other things.  His song choice this time was one we do’t hear so much, Mamma.  According to Alfie, it’s about getting your mum to make a cup of tea – bet your mum clatters you for that Alfie!

Interesting titbit of the day – Alfie and Russell Watson once almost sang at a Festival of Remembrance!

Alfie Boe’s Serenata is released on 17th November and can be pre-ordered below:



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