4 comments on “Alfie Boe 3rd Annual Best Ever Song: Number 10

  1. I gave this version a listen, and my ears are ringing. Alfie sings it with such a beautiful, melodic and mellow sound. Of a number of artists’ renditions I’ve heard, his is my favorite.

  2. Such a dramatic rendition- I love it. I am also a Dylan fan but he does have a distinctive sound that you either like or not. I saw him a few years ago at blues festival and I was very disappointed. He has reworked the sound in a lot of his songs and I didn’t recognize them. He did have a talent for writing songs that captured the tempo of his era.

  3. Listening to both Bob Dylan & Alfie Boe
    song Forever Young. I preferred
    Alfie Boe’s version of Forever Young
    could listen over & over & over again

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