6 comments on “Alfie and Michael: Lisa’s Story

  1. I really love what Lisa has done. As an avid dog lover I follow and support the work of the guide and support care dogs. Hopefully I will be able to do more in my home area as my retirement progresses.

    • They’re one of my favourite ‘work’ breeds too! Hardly anyone knows what they are which always surprises me.

  2. What an amazing job Lisa has and so vitally important. I was so happy to see they also have a poodle in the programme too. They are my love I have a bkack miniature that Michael has actually read out an email to for me on his radio show. Poodles are so intelligent and were used for hunting too in Germany were they originate from…keep up the amazing work you are a God send.

    • Thanks Karen, it’s a pretty cool job to have. I’m very lucky.
      I also have a poodle (black) although he’s a standard and absolutely bonkers.

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