Alfie and Elvis Revisited

As we approach the 38th anniversary of Elvis’s death, it seems a good time to revisit Alfie’s special relationship with the King himself.  Fans of Alfie know that one of his longest standing musical influences is Elvis Presley; in his autobiography, My Story, Alfie mentions that he first started listening to Elvis through his brother Joe who was a big fan. He remains a fan to this day, choosing Burning Love as one of his tracks on James Watt’s Radio Stoke One on One interview in November 2014.  This made me very happy as it’s one of my favourite Elvis tracks – would love to hear Alfie sing this:

Other suggestions for Elvis songs we would like to hear Alfie sing are:

  • Jailhouse Rock
  • American Trilogy
  • Blue Suede Shoes
  • Wonder of You
  • Love Me Tender

Now I’m sure all the ladies reading this will be imagining Alfie singing Love Me Tender right now!  Maybe followed up with One Night With You!  Writing this, it occurs to me that there must be an Elvis song for any and every occasion – he had some repertoire.

Now, as we sadly don’t have Alfie singing any of these songs yet, here’s the next best thing and a playlist of Alfie Boe Singing Elvis (feel free to comment with any other videos you’d like to see there):

I can’t leave this Alfie and Elvis fest without once again recounting Cecelia’s story of meeting Elvis at the tender age of 5…on running up to him she got a kiss and a hug, swoon!  Upon meeting Alfie at an HMV album signing a couple of years ago she showed she hasn’t changed a bit in the intervening years by running across the room to hug Alfie (and did I mention that she gave Alfie a kiss the first time she met him?).  Gotta love Cecelia – to read her fan story, click here.

Alfie’s autobiography, My Story, is available here:

alfie autobio

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2 thoughts on “Alfie and Elvis Revisited

  1. Cecelia

    While my musical tastes are very varied, I had two passions before Alfie — first Elvis and then Freddie Mercury. And Alfie combines the best of both and then some. And on top of the wonder of the music, he’s brought me some wonderful new friendships. Magic! xxx

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