Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Song – Number Ten

Last week saw the news that Alfie Boe’s new album, As Time Goes By (click here to order), will be released on 23 November and I’m sure there will be plenty of fans very much looking forward to hearing all the tracks.  Before then, however, we have the question that all fans are desperate to have answered:

What is the fans favourite Alfie Boe song 2018???

I’m happy to say that the vote is now closed, the votes have been counted and the results will be revealed over the next ten weeks, which will take us almost up to the week of the new album.  Anyone would think it was planned!

Without further ado, the song in at number ten is a song that featured in the first three charts but dropped out of the top ten last year.  From Onward, it’s A Living Prayer:

A Living Prayer shows off Alfie’s soaring vocals to perfection and is probably the reason why a song from one of Alfie’s lesser known albums has been eternally popular with fans, also being chosen several times as part of the Six Sensational Songs series.

A Living Prayer was written by bluegrass / country singer Alison Krauss and released on the Union Station album Lonely Runs Both Ways in 2004. The bluegrass roots are evident in this video of Krauss:

As evidenced from Alfie’s autobiography, he wasn’t too thrilled with the choice of songs for Onward, with the exception of A Living Prayer – hope he sings it again one day.

Onward is available here:

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3 thoughts on “Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Song – Number Ten

  1. Tammy Houser

    Onward was my first of Alfie’s albums and it consoled me through a very dark period. I truly felt I was ‘walking alone ‘. The CD is nearly worn out from constant playing and although I’ve moved on to his other work, this will always hold a special spot in my heart.

  2. Cathy Haley

    I first discovered this song when I was searching the internet in 2011 for information about Alfie. I am not religious at all but I love the sound in this piece. I am surprised that Alfie doesn’t like Onward because it is one of my favourites. His voice is gorgeous in every song.

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