Alfie Boe and Children and the Arts

Alfie Boe has been an ambassador for Children and the Arts since 2011, after performing at an event at Buckingham Palace for HRH The Prince of Wales.  Prior to this, he had performed at a carol concert and another charity concert at Buckingham Palace.

Children & the Arts believes that every child has the right to access great art. Originally founded by HRH The Prince of Wales, Children & the Arts works with arts venues across the UK to reach children in communities and in hospices who may be in danger of missing out on creative and cultural experiences.  This is something that Alfie believes in passionately so this charity is a great fit for him.  If you’ve read his autobiography, you’ll know that Alfie has always been interested in music education in schools and felt that not all children get the opportunity to experience music and art education.  In recent years, as school budgets have been cut across the UK, arts education is often the first to lose out and even more children are denied the life affirming experiences that the arts bring.

Since 2006, the charity has helped give half a million children unique arts experiences, has provided 1000+ children and families affected by life-limiting illness with therapeutic arts experiences. It does this with the help of 123 partners throughout the UK, forming 6000+ partnerships with schools in the most deprived areas of the UK.