10 comments on “Vote for Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Song

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  2. a Living Prayer got my vote as it was the song that introduced me to Alfie. The rest is history.

  3. Jane, you wouldn’t let me vote for more than one! But it had to be Bring Him Home. A casual listening to Les Mis on PBS and I was hooked on Alfie and Bring Him Home. But my goodness, what an outstanding list of songs the man has sung!

      • It still has to be “Bring Him Home”. It`s because I first really took notice of Alfie, although I had heard of him for a long time beforehand, when I saw the O2 Les Mis and it brought me to tears when he sang that song. Also very personal memories of my late mother who loved it too – so as good as all the rest of the songs are, Bring Him Home has to be my vote for personal reasons.

  4. The songs appear on the list in the order in which they were nominated xxx

  5. That’s funny Roberta. I can’t even cope with voting for one right now. How come all my favourites are on that list???

  6. Hi! Are the songs in any particular order? Did Je Crois which appears first receive the most nominations?
    This is not an easy decision
    And I can’t believe my phone just changed Je Crois to Jersey Cross.

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