4 comments on “Trust – Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Album

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  2. It’s been an exciting week. I too confess to 3 CD s and the Deluxe download. Feel very lucky to be one of the town’s he could visit and to hear him sing Trust. Love Trust the whole album. Love the FanVideo. Some fabulous memories rolling past me there. Loving Bovember. And your Blog Jane. Word of the month Lovely

  3. Thank You so much for including the fan video…I’ve been dying to see what was chosen …great fan pix and just a charming montage…shows how great Alfie is with all his fans and how much they love him back! I am waiting (not so patiently) for my copies of Trust to get here from the UK …about a week to go. Every track I’ve heard so far is just amazing…I keep humming KEEP ME IN YOUR HEART FOR A WHILE. Thank You also for this blog…I’ve gotten a kick out of each entry. GO ALFIE!

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