4 comments on “Triumphant Premiere of Classic Quadrophenia

  1. As others have said Jane, a really good review. You’ve got it spot on. Thank you. X

  2. Fantastic review Jayne. It was fabulous on TV so can only imagine what the atmosphere must have been like at RAH. Rachel Fuller did a marvelous job with the orchestration. Alfie’s voice was amazing – is there anything he CAN’T sing? Pete Townshend, Phil Daniels, Billy Idol, the orchestra and choir all made it an outstanding event.

  3. Fantastic review Jayne ,didn’t make it to the RAH ,but just watched it on Sky Arts it was awesome .Alfie was amazing ,the atmosphere at the RAH must have been electric.!! Is there anything our boy cannot do !!!!! luv carole n xx

  4. Really great review Jane, it was an outstanding performance from Alfie, but the combination of the other artists especially Billy Idol made the concert sensational xx

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