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Alfie Boe has several charities that he supports and we like to keep fans up to date with them all.  One thing that all the charities mention is the generosity of Alfie and his fans alike and no exception to that is TF Willetts, of whom Alfie is a patron and I spoke to the CEO, Brian E Willetts earlier this year.

The TF Willetts Foundation was formed back in 2007 and so 2017 will be their 10th anniversary. Their aims and objects are simple, being to continue the education of young people through the arts and to find ways to strengthen the identity of the individual and community through a variety of arts driven initiatives and programmes.  I was aware that the charity is based in Wales but was keen to find out more about their work in other parts of the country.  The CEO, Brian E Willetts, said

Our work as a charity is national and international and whilst The Light Project is focused on an area of Wales we support projects that have an impact across the UK and US.  Our ‘Sounding Motion’ project works with young people in the north with composers from London and dancers for Leeds and London in partnership with Huddersfield University.  Our ‘Choir of Light’ community has choirs in Wales, London, Midlands, the North and the USA and our music scholars perform across the world. In recent years our young people from our Choir of Light programme have performed, as part of his national tour, with Andrea Bocelli, with young people joining from across the UK to perform at the O2 as well as Leeds Arena.

Of course, this being the official Alfie Boe fan blog I was keen to find out how having Alfie as patron helps the foundation.  Brian said that “Alfie, as our Patron, has aligned himself with our work both in terms of our education outreach and The Light Project.  Both Alfie and Dame Shirley are great Patrons and their support as Patrons makes a real difference. They are both iconic artists from different generations and so speak to different audiences yet speak as one through our work to impact and improve the lives of young people through their passion for the arts and how they use the arts to communicate through their talent as singers and as role models. Having a Patron like Alfie, who is so unique and amazing, helps us show young people what is possible through hard work.”


TF Willetts is one of the less well known charities supported by Alfie but to them, size is not important.  They prefer to concentrate on the impact the work has on those they support and work with. Of course, like every charity, they face challenges, not least that of generating enough funds to make the work possible but, as Brian explains, “when sometimes it feels hopeless, friends and supporters step up and make possible what we aim to do and for this we are so grateful.”

For further information on TF Willetts and their work, click here.

As fans of Alfie we are aware of his work with various charities, most notably Nordoff Robbins and Trinity Hospice. However, Alfie Boe’s charity work also includes the TF Willetts Foundation, of which he is a patron, alongside Dame Shirley Bassey.

The foundation is named after Thomas Frederick Willetts, music director of a church in Treharris, South Wales, where he served the local community for many years, prior to his death in 2007. Following his death, the foundation was set up to encourage young people to explore the arts through a range of projects aimed at building the community. As Alfie himself says, “music can change and transform communities, empowering all who participate. It’s great to be part of a charity which is working to make a difference”. The foundation now supports over 2,500 young people through a number of community centred outreach initiatives.

One of Willetts’ guiding principles throughout his life was that each one of us is an artist in some form; whether it be a singer, musician, an artist, baker, or rugby player. Each person in any given community is a creative being and given the chance, can give off their own unique light that works towards a common community driven success. With this in mind, the current TF Willetts fundraising campaign is called Life in the Light: 1000 Points of Light which seeks to raise £50,000 to help fund a new arts centre at the heart of the Light Project.  If you can help them reach their target, watch this to see where your money will go:

To find out more about TF Willetts Foundation, click here.

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