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On This Day, 25 January 2011, Alfie Boe Sang…

….Au Fond Du Temple Saint, the baritone / tenor duet from Bizet’s opera The Pearl Fishers.  The baritone in this case was of course the wonderful Bryn Terfel and this rendition is rightly so a favourite amongst classical Alfie fans.  Thoughtsofjustafan’s favourite Alfie Boe duet poll last year saw Bryn and Alfie secure the top spot over Laura Wright and Barcelona.

As this opera nearly killed him*, you wouldn’t think that Alfie would have that much affection for it but he continued to sing it until relatively recently.  Je Crois Entendre Encore was a staple of his UK tour of summer 2012, albeit sung acapulco!  If you were there or seen the youtube videos, you’ll know what that means!

*And if you don’t know this story why not buy Alfie’s 2012 autobiography (click on the image below) – the first chapter tells all!

alfie autobio

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Alfie Boe’s Best Ever Song: Number 4

If you’ve read Alfie’s autobiography, My Story, you’ll know that The Pearl Fishers, which features Je Crois Entendre Encore, is probably not Alfie’s favourite opera.  You might recall that the first line of the book is “Bizet nearly killed me” (I don’t normally recall the opening line of biographies, but it’s a cracking opener).  As Alfie acknowledges, it wasn’t really Bizet’s fault; rather, Alfie suffered a bout of chlorine poisoning whilst filming a segment for the ENO production of the 1863 opera.

The Pearl Fishers is set in Ceylon and features a tenor (Nadir) and baritone (Zurga) both falling for the same soprano (Leila) who is having her own dilemma in choosing between secular love and her oath as a sacred priestess.  Although it was a not a brilliant success when it was first premiered, the music is often popular with modern audiences.  Indeed, Alfie’s duet with Bryn Terfel, Au Fond Du Temple Saint at the 2012 South Bank Show Awards topped the recent Alfie Boe Favourite Duet poll.

Je Crois Entendre Encore has been recorded by a number of tenors (inlcuding Alfie’s brother Michael on his recent album A La Voix), and also by other artists such as David Gilmour and Alison Moyet.  Gilmour’s interpretation was interesting but I liked Alison’s version.  The video below shows Alfie singing “acapulco” (watch the video if you don’t know what I mean) at Westonbirt Arboretum in 2012, but before you take a look, here is Janet Hudson’s story about her favourite Alfie Boe song:

My favourite Alfie song is Je Crois Entendre Encore as performed at Westonbirt Aboretum July 2012. My daughter had bought tickets and was taking me to the concert as a birthday treat. I was so looking forward to it and dared to hope Alfie would sing this song. Just a few days before the concert my then 12 year old grandson was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with Leukaemia. Needless to say we didn’t make the concert. Every time I hear Alfie singing this beautiful song I am moved to tears with all kinds of emotions. I am filling up now!! Happy to say Mikey is in remission and doing well x

Thank you Janet for sharing your Alfie story we all hope Mikey continues in remission xx

Thanks to Linda Wellington for sharing xx

If you don’t have the Classic FM album, click on the image below to order:

classic fm album


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On This Day 13 July 2012 Alfie Boe Sang…

Je Crois Entendre Encore “a cappella” at Thetford – thanks Linda W for sharing xx

watch right to the end for his mother in law joke!


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Alfie Boe Poll – Have You Voted Yet?

We’re half way through the week and time for an update on the Favourite Alfie Boe Video Poll – have you voted yet?  If  not, why not? Perhaps you need inspiration, so here are the contenders:

The poll will close on Saturday 12 April and all will be revealed; will it be your choice of winner?  Not if you don’t vote it won’t!

Classical Wins the Day in Alfie Boe Poll

p>The results are in from the poll and those of you who voted for classical won’t be surprised that it won by a country mile.  So, the next question is, which video is our favourite?

In this poll, I have chosen my favourite videos for you to choose from – if you have a different choice, please send in a comment!

The poll will be open for a week and then the winning video will be revealed so GET VOTING!

To help you decide: