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On This Day, 15 March 2014, Alfie Boe sang…

Granada in Seoul, Korea – and my blog stats at that time went through the roof when the videos were published!  We were so keen to hear Alfie sing classical music again that we couldn’t get enough.  The repertoire included How Great Thou Art, Brindisi, Les Mis and When I Fall in Love as well as Alfie’s first foray into singing in Korean – how nervous was he????

Here is the fabulous Granada, with Maria in the same clip:

I think you’ll agree with me that the very enthusiastic conductor gave a very energetic performance!

Alfie sings Granada on his Neapolitan album, La Passione:

la passione

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Alfie Boe Poll – Have You Voted Yet?

We’re half way through the week and time for an update on the Favourite Alfie Boe Video Poll – have you voted yet?  If  not, why not? Perhaps you need inspiration, so here are the contenders:

The poll will close on Saturday 12 April and all will be revealed; will it be your choice of winner?  Not if you don’t vote it won’t!

Classical Wins the Day in Alfie Boe Poll

p>The results are in from the poll and those of you who voted for classical won’t be surprised that it won by a country mile.  So, the next question is, which video is our favourite?

In this poll, I have chosen my favourite videos for you to choose from – if you have a different choice, please send in a comment!

The poll will be open for a week and then the winning video will be revealed so GET VOTING!

To help you decide: