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Does 2015 Herald a Return to the Stage for Alfie Boe?

And would that be Broadway or the West End?  I can safely say that there would be a healthy audience in either location!

In an article in today’s Blackpool Gazette Alfie Boe send his fan base into a frenzy of excitement by saying that much of next year will be taken up with a project that will see him return to the stage.  Speculation is sure to be rife as to what the role is or where it will be but that has never stopped Boe fans before – my tuppence is perhaps something to do with Quadrophenia…but that’s only my opinion!

Alfie’s new album, Serenata, can be pre-ordered below:


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Magic Monday Moment with Alfie Boe

Monday is often a “oh no, not again, yuck” kind of day so let’s countdown to the release of Alfie Boe’s new album Serenata by celebrating a Magic Monday Moment.

The clip below is audio from Classic FM Live at the Royal Albert Hall on 23 September this year – a performance I was privileged to attend – and has been uploaded by Marcia.  Thanks for sharing!  I have shared it here before but as it is two tracks from Serenata I thought it made perfect sense to share with you all again.  When you share this on twitter or facebook please use either of these two hashtags:



If we keep using these hashtags hopefully Alfie’s fan power can get him trending by the release of the album and again when he goes on tour!  Alfie Boe fans are awesome – I know we can do it!

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Serenata can be pre-ordered below: