5 comments on “So Alfie Asks Us To Dance – Should We?

  1. Alfie needs to organise the concert better. He should follow his friend Michael Ball, who also enjoys seeing people up dancing BUT he puts all that type of song in one group towards the end, so people know what to expect, when. It’s easier to accept a slightly blocked view if you know the time is limited.

  2. Agree with Pauline. At the Storyteller concert we were standing for a couple of songs but when everyone sat down, one woman continued to stand, waving her scarf which was really annoying for people sitting behind her. I remember at the time thinking I was glad I wasn’t in the front row as there was so many people standing in front of the people there.
    I love Alfie’s version of Glory, Glory and that’s definitely one to stand up for. Loved it when he sung it at Newcastle and was looking forward to it at Glasgow but it wasn’t sung there as that’s when he announced his Quadrophenia news.
    It’s a difficult one and no matter what you won’t please everyone. I think you just have to see what everyone round you is doing and go with the flow.

  3. I think the best case scenario is when we are able to move to the front of the stage or in the aisles and dance, but only towards the end of the concert when there really is no alternative cos we are all really buzzing by then! I wouldn’t be the first to stand because I’m always aware of those behind, but if the people immediately in front of me stand, then I can’t see a thing ( being on the small side!) so I’m afraid I have to join in then.
    LOVED the Huawei concert and was up on stage (Lindajaye your enthusiasm is infectious) but after seeing myself vowed never to do that again……..well, maybe!

  4. When Alfie says get up and dance I don’t have to asked twice!! I’m often one of the first to get up and boogie!! However last year I saw things from a completely different perspective. I bought my husband really expensive tickets to see The Eagles at the O2 arena we were in the 3rd row front centre stalls. A couple directly in front of us were up and down waving there arms about throughout the evening, my husband isn’t good at standing so our view and enjoyment of the concert was completely spoiled…. Maybe in the future I’ll be a little more considerate to those behind me….or at least I’ll try!!
    As you say Jane, there is no definitive answer…..

    • It’s really hard isn’t it – all the feedback so far can see both sides LOL so we’re a fair minded lot xxx

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