One comment on “On This Day, 5 July 2015, Alfie Boe Sang…

  1. This night was a highlight of my concert going life!! Alfie was KILLING IT as all on stage did that night but Alfie was magical and had the crowd, including the die-hard Who fans, in the palm of his hand the entire night. Looked like he was having a blast up there and definitely led his audience on an awesome Utopian concert experience!

    Meeting up with Alfie fans before the show was such fun as it’s so wonderful to meet like minded new friends and finally put faces to FB and Twitter posts. And, meeting again at Stage Door to see Alfie and say hello is always special. I will never forget the great fun and GREAT music that night.

    This past year has been awesome for Alfie fans especially the US fans this year with Broadway Les Miserable and Finding Neverland (until the injury, sorry), but I’m really looking forward to reports from his “Together Tour” with Michael Ball and all that the coming year will bring for Alfie and his fans! We know Alfie will not disappoint!!

    Get yourself all better, Alfie. We love you and are looking forward to all you are going to do. Thanks for taking us on your ride. <3


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