3 comments on “John Owen-Jones Brings It Home

  1. I’m with John’s mum there, my least favourite song from West Side Story. I already have most of the tracks on John’s previous albums, but Why God is a bonus.
    Hope the album does really well for this lovely guy, as I’ve told him before he’s second to one!

    Nice interview, thanks Jane xx

  2. I pre-ordered mine and got it yesterday from SAIN Wales 🙂
    It’s a superb CD with songs taken from three of JOJ’s previous albums, plus three new songs 🙂
    You will smile, (From I’d Rather be Sailing….’Sex is good but I’d rather be sailing’ ) you will cry (Bui Doi….Wishing….Empty Chairs and Empty Tables) but most of all you will love each and every track for many different reasons.
    If you haven’t already bought this cd then I urge you to do so asap. When I pre-ordered SAIN was cheaper than Amazon and great delivery service 🙂
    Buy and enjoy 🙂
    Lilian x

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