3 comments on “How Alfie Boe is Changing Our Musical Tastes

  1. I must have heard Che gelida manina a hundred or more times. I have this dvd. Today I had goosebumps though waiting for the high c’s.

  2. Like everyone who reads this, I am a huge fan and love most of what he does. I have always liked classical, opera, theatre, folk and rock music. However, I have never been a fan of Led Zeppelin or The Who although they are the music of my generation. I like Alfie best when he is singing classical or semi-classical songs-the other genres sound forced or unnatural to me. Don’t get me wrong, he certainly can sing anything but he’s just too good to be a rock singer. His soaring voice is best-suited to theatrical music and maybe he will return to that world again. I can’t really see the direction his career is headed -last year’s old-fashioned Serenata, with some beautiful song choices, to this year’s Quadrophenia. They are completely different; I understand the need to do new things and to try everything but he has not tapped into a niche market and that is too bad as the combination of his voice and good looks should make him a star like Andrea Bocelli or Josh Groban.

  3. I have been following Alfie long before he performed in the Les Mis 25th. I saw him wirth the Lancashire Symphonetta at Manchester Uni when he had just finished with the ENO A wonderful evening of music Also he performed to a half empty theatre at uxton Opera House, singing without a mike on the night before Grace’s christening. he was joking and trying to show us his photos on his mobile/cell-phone! Unfortunately whe he returned to Buxton to a sell-out audience I was in Canada for my eldes grand-daughter’s High School Graduation.
    alfie is fatatic and what I like is he remains ‘grounde’ and can relate well to everyone <3

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