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  1. Happy New Year Jane and many thanks for keeping me up to date with all things Alfie. My friend has christened me her resident Alfie anorak and it’s all down to you, Annie LLoyd, Linda Wellington etc providing all the info. I managed to go to two concerts on the tour but it was great to hear the news about the others through you. Looking forward to Scarborough in June.Good luck with the blog in 2015 – keep up the good work! xxx

  2. My top 10 Alfie moments in 2014… Can they start with Alfie and Gary because I was just tuning in to Gary for want of anything else to do and he’s something else Alfie introduced me to. Manic tweeting when he came on as we had no idea. My number 1 moment is the Who encore on the tour. Brilliant announcement of his new job, news of the concert in July but mainly just seeing him perform the songs, ending the fantastic summary of his career so far with his latest and exciting new project. Loved that. In between.. Being on the whole tour, ClassicFM being on my birthday, the meet ups and plans we make around our Alfie dates, the unexpected release of Serenata, coming to Manchester to launch it, being in the audience for Alan Titchmarsh, Alfie taking to tweeting, and finally my wonderful West Coast USA holiday in February. Only got on with booking it because of Alfie and it was a wonderful amazing time. So many other things I could add but that’s 10! 2014 all round has been a great year for me!

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