18 comments on “Darwin, Alfie Boe, His Beard and Me – A New Beard in Town

  1. I can’t even remember Alfie without a beard. I don’t think I ever saw him live without a beard. So. For me there is no question – Alfie bearded.

  2. Alfie’s current look hardly qualifies as a beard! We saw him at SD one night when it looked as though he were letting it and his hair grow out a little. Happy dances! Sadly, by the next night he’d seen his barber. I like the 2015 calendar-style beard, but wonder whether the current length hides some gray that’s starting to show up?

  3. Love Alfie with a beard hope he always keeps it !! looks so masculine and sexy !!! but if he shaves it off will still adore him !!! like men with beards !! luv carole n xxxx

  4. Well, I never used to like beards at all but now I do like certain beards but only if they’re nicely trimmed.
    Do agree with this article that now they’re so common it can be a nice change to see someone clean shaven.

  5. Beards don’t suit every man.. but it certainly suits Alfie! Love the short hair too. Also Hugh Laurie and Grissom from CSI <3

  6. (Brazil-rj) I love Alfie’s beard. I love Alfie with or without beard but,
    Alfie with his beard, jeans and rolled up shirt sleeve is all good.

  7. I love Alfie with or without the beard, but I do like his hair longer. He looked his very best at the Symfunny with James Morgan. Also, the tuxedo was perfect as I really don’t like the jeans and T-shirt look. However he is one handsome dude and he can sing too!!!!

  8. I’m really not a fan of beards but his really does suit him, I also prefer his hair just a little longer

  9. Nothing sexier than a man with a well trimmed beard. Love all the ones you mentioned. Really LOVE Alfie’s of course. It suites him so well. Sigh….

  10. Like you I never liked beards before but I’ve got used to Alfie’s and think he does suit it.

  11. I’m all for Alfie’s beard. Granted, a beard doesn’t suit all guys but Alfie is a beard kind of guy. He looks so young in those pre-beard days – and I guess he was. I actually liked his longer hair, too, but am getting used to the trimmed up look. Alfie is definitely eye candy, no matter what.

  12. I’ve always liked a nice tidy beard. However, when my hubby grew one he looked like Blackbeard the Pirate!!! It was a very solid black and really made him look quite grim and horrible, so after about a week of being teased and tormented he shaved it off and remained clean-shaven for the rest of his life 🙂 I prefer Alfie with his beard, he looks more grown up and very manly I think 🙂 xx

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