3 comments on “Club 24601: Alfie Boe is Jean Valjean

  1. Thank you Jane ,what a lovely interview, Alfie is so genuine and thoughtful with his answers . You work so hard ,getting your interviews and they are all stunning. You must be so proud !!! Alfie is so gorgeous ( not jealous really!! lol) He IS the best JVJ . luv carole n xx

  2. I bought a bus trip ticket to NYC to see my favorite tenor of all time and had been counting the days!!!
    However last Friday I fell and have compression fractures of L1 and L2. I am unable to sit more than 40 minutes so the bus ride is OUT and of course sitting in a theatre seat for 2+ hours isn’t going to happen either. Soooo, I am sending all my love to you Alfie. When you spot that empty seat in the orchestra section on Saturday, October 17, know that I am crying in Lancaster, PA and sending joy to all the folks who will be there.

    PS the tickets are non-refundable and non- transferable
    As soon as I am able and well, if you are still on Broadway, I’ll be the one in the front row with a big SMILE.

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