4 comments on “Alfie Boe Returns to Scarborough on Armed Forces Day

  1. Hi Jane, so pleased to hear Alfie is going to be back in Scarborough this year. That is one of my Summer breaks accounted for. My friend and I stay in beautiful apartments just behind the Open Air Theatre which are in the least commercial part of the resort and love our few days there.

    We will be booking our tickets on Wednesday. I will certainly putting my hand up to do your review and also actually think we should be gathering together fans who braved the rain there last year in some sort of special way. These guys are are really true Alfie fans and I guess I have to acknowledge Michesl also.Though some did leave it was fantastic how many people braved it to the end. I remember Linda Wellington,Annie and Pat Waterson with the rain dripping from them as well as many others. I followed a couple going in who had creatively cobbled together black bin bags in a very artistic way but certainly would have kept them dry. A night anyone there will never forget.

    That’s it for now no more drivel.

    Love send hugs.
    Barbara Wren.

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