7 comments on “Alfie Boe Michael Ball Amaze at Hampton Court

  1. Thank you for a wonderful review, Cecilia! Alfie and Michael have certainly brought us together as a fandom. As an Alfie fan, I have embraced Michael as well. I even have a Michael Ball playlist on Spotify. I keep hoping that the boys will come back to the US for a tour, so we get to hear “Run” and the revised Les Mis medley. And I love “Anthem!” It doesn’t have to refer to Great Britain. I apply it to the US just as well. In fact, I would love for them to perform it for our Fourth of July celebrations.

    Alfie and Michael, thank you for your artistry and humor and for giving us so much joy and Togetherness!

  2. It is so good to see the warmth and love that these 2 fantastic guys create at their concerts <3 Their voices and their personalities work so well together. Thank you for the lovely reviews. x

  3. Thanks Cecelia for your comments. As everyone keeps saying, you make us feel like we were there with you. Glad everyone had a great time.

  4. An excellent review,placing any reader in a position to feel they were there.From all the incredible posts and pics since it set off,this is a fabulous tour and you captured it perfectly. Thank you so much.
    I am now in Scarborough and praying the rain stays clear because am so looking forward to it. Not that I, along with many others will be put off no matter how much rain falls.
    Jane I will happily “put pen to paper”again if you don’t have a reviewer. .

  5. Excellent review Cecelia I feel as though I was there….oh hang on I WAS there and it was all exactly as you describe. I though Run was lost to us when Alfie went in to Keep Me In Your Heart, but joy of joy it wasn’t, this has to rate up there with Wheels of a Dream as my favourite song. (I also know it means a lot to Alfie and Murray.)
    Thanks much for bringing it all back xx

  6. Great review Cecelia – brought back good memories of 2 years ago – happy everyone had such a wonderful time!

  7. Well written and so true. It was an amazing night and the boys were just perfection. I hope Alfie records ‘Run’ , so many people love that song. Including me. The only thing I can add was the parking. I had no problems. I wasn’t the first to the car park and had to set the sat nav . I was out of parking space and on the road home in about 2 minutes. All with in about 10 mins after the concert had finished. The staff at the venue were also lovely and helpful. All in all an amazing night, beautiful venue and perfection from the boys. Xx

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