7 comments on “Alfie Boe and Trinity Hospice

  1. What a lovely thing to do by Alfie. I live near the hospice and they go out of their way to try to do everything they can for the patients. It makes such a difference to local people knowing that there is this marvellous caring place that can help them at such a difficult time in their lives. Well done Alfie and Trinity.

  2. Oh Jane. We all know how special Alfie is but to do this for a terminally ill fan is truly exceptional. I cannot imagine how that lady must have felt. She must have been so touched and delighted. May she rest in peace and God Bless Alfie for taking the time to do such a wonderful thing. x

  3. I’m sitting in a cafe rather publicly holding back tears on this. Wonderful story – wonderful for the lady and her family and wonderful of Alfie and his team to take it on board and do something about it. Makes the heart glad! xxx

  4. You were right about the tears, Jane – I choked up a little too. My Mom was in a Hospice Care facility so I understand how special small favors like this are at the end of life. Bless Alfie for being the kind and generous person he is. Thank you for sharing, and please extend thanks to Trinity also, so that they can tell the family how much their story touched our hearts. ♥

  5. What a wonderful story. Alfie gives so much to so many and is such a great example of the good light in this world, especially in a time that seems so dark to so many. Thank your for sharing this and thank you Alfie for being one of the good guys! <3

  6. What a wonderful story Jane. So typical of Alfie to go that extra mile for the charity and a fan who was desperately ill.

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