10 comments on “Alfie Boe and Michael Ball: A Perfect Tour

  1. Well you summed it up perfectly Jane, the night in Bournemouth was brilliant, who’d have thought so many people could fit in one small room!
    The finale in Blackpool was just perfect, not many dry eyes at the end including the main men.
    I’ve loved reading the reviews, thank you to everyone concerned.
    At the start of this tour I was one who would have preferred just Alfie………how wrong I was

  2. Thanks for all you do Jane – it must be such hard work to keep up with all of us and help us they way you do. The tour has been terrific and I am so pleased that Alfie now has that No 1 album (and Michael of course). Lots to look forward to and I now have an ENO ticket so see you there if not before.

  3. Great review Jane, thanks for all the time you spend keeping us all informed and up to date with everything. What a tour it’s been and it all keeps getting better and better! X

  4. What a beautiful photo.
    I love the genuine smiles on your faces and can feel the joy radiating from you.
    I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for the fun.
    Maybe someday…

  5. Thank you, Jane, for this brilliant review and for all the hard work you put in to keep us all up to date with the goings on with Alfie & Michael on here and on the FB page, we really appreciate all your time and effort….
    It’s been an amazing tour for both of them, but the icing on the cake has to be their incredible achievement on reaching the number one spot with ‘Together’ in the album charts. So well deserved.
    And I’m so glad that I can keep all the fans across the world happy with the videos I take xxx

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