5 comments on “Alfie Boe 4th Annual Best Song: No.6

  1. I don’t know why but I hadn’t heard Anthem until Together, it’s now yet another favourite! I love it when Alfie lets rip at full throttle………….what a voice.

  2. I saw the musical Chess and hated it apart from Anthem and I Know Him So Well.
    My favourite versions of Anthem are by Josh Groban and Scotland’s own Jai McDowell who won BGT.
    I must say I much prefer it sung as a solo.

  3. I had never heard this song nor heard of the musical until it showed up on the the Together album. I love it. It’s a great anthem and although I am not British, I also like “I vow to thee my country” sung my Alfie, of course.

  4. I’m glad Alfie was persuaded to include this on the album.
    I did like the Tommy Kroberg version but not keen on Kerry Ellis one.
    I saw the musical Chess and LOVED it and could never understand why it was not more popular than it was.

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